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What will dues cost you?

When you agree to pay dues to a union, you are deciding NOT to do other things with that money.

  • For instance, what if you took that same 1½ – 2% of pay and placed it into a 401(k) plan or savings account?
  • How much money would you save towards retirement?

​Remember, the company matches non-union 401(k) contributions at 100% for up to 6% of your pay.  That’s a great return on your investment!

  • Use the calculator below to get a quick idea of how much those dues may be costing your retirement.
  • Put in an anticipated monthly dues amount.
  • Select the next 2 variables (expected return, and years until retirement), and then hit the calculate button.
  • You can hit the “reset” button to calculate using different rates of return or other differences.

401(K) Plan Calculator
Monthly dues amount
Estimated Rate of Return
Years until retirement
Total dues spent
Total Possible Savings

This is an estimate. Actual amounts may vary. Includes 100% company match.